Dear teachers and interested parties,

Arte & Ensaios is an annual publication organised by the Postgraduate Programme in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts, UFRJ. The journal has, throughout its existence, distinguished itself by publishing relevant texts to the field of art, with the collaboration of national and foreign authors, teachers and Programme students. The contributions of national authors are extremely important for the journal, because they show the universe of academic research by relating the state of the intellectual problem referred to in the journal’s theme to the translated texts of international authors.

We would like to inform you about the receipt of publication proposals. Although the journal works with themes for its editions, we believe that this should not restrict article proposals. Thus, from now on the journal will work with a permanent open call status for texts which are evaluated by the team on two annual dates: March 15th and August 15th.

All contributions are submitted to the editorial board, which is responsible for deciding what is included, and throughout the evaluation process reserves the right to publish the article or review. Authors who have already published articles in previous issues must wait a 2-year period before any new submissions.


The archives should be submitted in digital format (cd and via email: accompanied by two printed copies (Word, Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1.5), containing the items below:


  • text of up to 10 (ten) pages with up to 27,000 (twenty seven thousand) characters including spaces;
  • an article summary of up to 55 words (abstract);
  • four key words;
  • author’s details in up to 55 words;
  • no idents;
  • paragraphs indicated by a blankline;
  • headings should not be numbered;
  • quotes of up to two lines, in quotation marks in the body of the text; of more than two lines, idented in italics, no quotation marks;
  • titles of books, periodicals, canvasses, sculptures, films and videos in italics, no quotation marks;
  • titles of poems and songs, no italics;
  • foreign language words in italics (no quotation marks unless it is a quotation), with the exception of art jargon;
  • centuries must be referred to in arabic digits;
  • notes at the end of the text, numbered with arabic digits; notes must include bibliographic references using only the author’s surname (only the initial letter as a capital), year of the work and page;
  • bibliography: author’s surname (all in capitals), name. Title of the work (if it’s a book or thesis, in italics; if it’s an article or chapter, no italics, followed by in and the reference in book format). The city in which it was published (or defended in the case of a thesis): publisher (or university in the case of a thesis), year. (If the notes include the whole bibliography, refer to each work completely in the first citation and forego the bibliography);
  • illustrations, with captions by the author: – a minimum of three (one vertical to illustrate the text) and a maximum of five. Must be delivered in paper and digital format with a minimum size of 21x26cm and 300dpi;
  • captions should come complete both as the image file name and as a Word document. For each image they must include: author, title, technique, dimensions, source and authorship. If there is unknown data, use s.d. (no data) respecting the caption order as indicated here.


Reviews – whose main criterion is topicality (maximum of three years for publications and 2 years for exhibitions), must meet the following requirements:

  • text with a maximum of 5500 characters including spaces; without indenting paragraphs, which must be indicated by a blank line;
  • details of the book reviewed (title, author, city, publisher, year) or of the exhibition/work (title, location, city and opening and ending dates);
  • quotes of up to two lines, in the body of the text, in normal font with quotation marks; with more than two lines, indented, in italics, no quotation marks.

Proposals must be original, and the writer must guarantee exclusive rights to Arte & Ensaios until a decision is made by the editorial board. The technical specifications for text and image presentation should carefully fulfilled by the author, under penalty of exclusion. The author undertakes to meet the demands of the editorial team in relation to the text and images when requested, meeting the deadline given by the editorial staff.

We remind contributors that the articles and collaborations submitted and published in the journal will be available online later on the Arte & Ensaios website. The author’s details must include: email, postal address and contact telephone number. Please be advised that the submitted material will not be returned.

Submissions to the journal are evaluated annually in the second week of March and the second week of August.

We thank you for your cooperation,

Editorial Board of Arte&Ensaios journal

Revista Arte&Ensaios

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes Visuais

Avenida: Pedro Calmon, 550, 7º andar, sala 702, Prédio da Reitoria – Cidade Universitária – Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Cep. 21949-900

Tel. (21) 3938-1643

Publicado por em 16 de December de 2015.