Edgard Oliva

Master, 2006, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
"Conferring of a degree in Biology, 1981, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil;
Specialist degree at ""Potenciais da Imagem"", 2003, Federal University of Bahia."
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Was born January 1957, Jequié-Bahia, Brazil. Lives and work in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. At first time studded biology at Federal University of Bahia, 1977 – 1981, and two years latter began study Arts at same University. In the past, worked a lot with paints and now the main technical is photography. OLIVA has lived in Germany between 1990-91, where works in a private studio to make some exhibitions. After then, he returned to Brazil. Last international solo exhibition was in 2008 Le Port (France), with the project “The Great Chest”. In Brazil, he makes important exhibitions like “A Grande Arca de Jesus a Mateus” and “A Grande Arca: arte e Fé”, solo exhibitions, in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. He is Professor of photography at Fine Arts School in Federal University of Bahia. Nowadays, he study at doctorate course at Fine Art School by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and develops authoral researches by practicing photography as a source for his academical doctorate studies, along with his concern with the image in the context of contemporarity. Last International exhibition was at Aveiro Museum, Aveiro – Portugal, with collegues at Aveiro University, from Portugal and Brazil.

Advisor: Celso Pereira Guimarães (BR)

Co-advisor: Paulo Bernardino Bastos

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Research interests

The main interest it is about the photographic image and the relations among human and the envieronment that produce them. At the present, I search about the sense, and the context, of the nocturnal images, especialy the dates of full moon.