Marco Aurélio Alcântara Damaceno

PhD Student
Masters in Visual Arts at PPGAV- EBA - Federal University of Bahia in 2003.
graduate in Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts Federal University of Bahia in 1996.
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Marco Aurélio Alcântara Damaceno

Interdisciplinares na UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Escultura-A-Carteira-do-Rei

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Research interests

Develop research on the aesthetic developments of body movement in Capoeira Angola, the relations between performance and ritual in cultural practice context matrix and African worldview in Brazil, more specifically, african-Bahian culture. Perform visual art production in reframing process of mythical-poetic universe of Capoeira Angola.

Research groups

NANO / Art and New Organisms Nucleus