Erika Schwarz

PhD Student
Master of Performing Arts, 2012, UNIRIO
Bachelor of Performing Arts - Scenography, 2009, UNIRIO
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Erika Schwarz

Bachelor in Scenography (2009, UNIRIO), is Master of Performing Arts (2012, UNIRIO) and PhD Candidate in Visual Arts in PPGAV-UFRJ, currently developing research about costume and performance. Was a Substitute Lecturer of Performing Arts – Costume Design in EBA-UFRJ (2012-2014) and Lecturer of Fashion Business – Specialization Course in University Center Senac-SP (2014). Participated in the exhibitions EmMeios # 7 in # 14.ART – International Art and Technology Meeting (2015, Portugal), TRIBES in the Prague Quadrennial (2015, Czech Republic) and Costume at the turn of the century 1990-2015 (2015, Russia), presenting and publishing also the results of her research at the conferences Critical Costume (2015, Finland) and Layering Reality – the right to mask (2013, Czech Republic).

Advisor:Angela Leite Lopes

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Research interests

Contemporary possibilities of costume in the expanded field; expressions of happenings and performances in the twentieth and twenty-first century, from the interdisciplinary encounter of the performing and visual arts; masks, character costumes and other garments dislocated to the space of the city.