Maria Clara Amado

Associate Lecturer
PhD, 2007, UFRJ

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Maria Clara Amado

Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Extension Coordinator of Letters and Arts Centre. Doctor of Science in Architecture-PROARQ / UFRJ with the Thesis: Barra da Tijuca – An architecture between Ethics and Aesthetics. Master in History and Criticism by EBA-UFRJ, with the Dissertation: The Books of Lygia Pape. Specialist in History of Architecture and Arts from PUC-RJ. Professor of Architecture Theory sector, has experience in teaching and research in Architecture and Urban Planning Area, teaching disciplines of Theory of Architecture, History of Architecture and Arts, Conservation and Restoration, and acting on issues: Visual Arts, Art and Contemporary architecture, Modern architecture, Aesthetics, Cultural Heritage, Architecture in Brasill and Anthropology. He is currently also Collaborator Professor at the Post Graduate Program in Visual Arts – PPGAV, School of Fine Arts, UFRJ, in line History and Art Criticism. Member of Lygia Pape Project since 2005.

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Research interests

Lygia Pape. Neoconcretism and contemporary: transgressions and permanence Visual Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art, Modern Architecture, Architecture in Brazil and Anthropology, Aesthetics, Cultural Heritage.


Lygia Pape. Neoconcretism and contemporary : transgressions and permanence leader
Lygia Pape and image building in art. The transversality between filmography and books. leader
Modernity revisited in arts, in architecture and urban design in Brazil leader