Helenise Guimarães

Full Professor
PhD at Visual Arts, 2006, PPGAV/UFRJ
MA and PhD supervisor
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Helenise Guimarães

Graduated in painting from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1984), Master in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1992) and PhD in Visual Arts (2006) PPGAV / EBA / UFRJ. I Assistant Professor Department of History and Theory of Art at the School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ, teaching at the undergraduate history disciplines of Art and Art Anthropology. Coordinates research at UFRJ emphasizing the theme of Carnival and Popular Culture. He teaches and is guiding the Graduate Visual Arts PPGAV on Line Image and Culture – Fields of interest: cultural history, art, anthropology, public policy, history, carnival, the carnival, popular culture, spectacle theory and performing arts. He held the position of Deputy director of the School of Fine Arts / UFRJ, in the 2010 period to 2013.A from December 2010 was appointed appraiser courses by INEP / MEC. It is leader of Nucleo Carnavalescos & Events Studies – Nescafe (CNPQ), which develops research on Popular Culture Carnival Urban Festivals, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Policies, and Patrimonio Historico. It is historian and researcher plot to parade G.R.E.S. Academicians of the Rio Grande / Caxias / RJ.

E-mail: heleng46@gmail.com

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Research interests

Carnival; popular culture; public policy; cultural tourism; visual arts; image analysis; oral history.


Cafe Valley Festival of Rio de Janeiro: The Courtship of Traditions and dialogues between party and urban spectacle. leader