Marcus Dohmann

Full Professor
Postdoc, 2012,PACC/UFRJ
MA and PhD supervisor

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Marcus Dohmann

Bachelor of Industrial Design (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ). Master of History of Art and Ph.D. degree in Visual Arts at the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts/PPGAV/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Advanced Program of Contemporary Culture – PACC/UFRJ in the area of Cultural Studies. Associate Professor and founding coordinator of the Graphics Lab (LabGraf) at Fine Arts School of UFRJ. Permanent member of the docent staff at the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts/UFRJ and at the Department of Visual Communication at UFRJ. Currently acts as Academic Coordinator for Visual Communication/Graphic Design Course at the Department of Visual Communication/UFRJ. Design consultant for Business Incubator of COPPE/UFRJ and for UFRJ Science Park. Leader of registered and certified research group at UFRJ/CNPq with research interests on Material Culture. Author of the book “A experiência material: a cultura do objeto” (The material experience: the culture of objects) launched in 2013, about material culture research area. Rio de Janeiro: Rio Books, 2013.


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Research interests

Material culture, consumer culture, design, anthropology of art, visual communication.

Research groups

NEO – Object Studies Nucleus leader


Objects of adversity: a look into the brazilian material culture leader
The material experience: the culture of objects leader