Simone Michelin

Associate Lecturer
PhD, 2006, UFRJ
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Simone Michelin

Artist, researcher and Associate Professor, collaborator of the PPGAV of the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Doctoral researcher in CAiiA-STAR Graduate Program – Center for Science, Technology and Art Research, University of Plymouth, UK, 1999/2000 under the guidance of Roy Ascott; independent researcher, grant Virtuoso Program / MINC / BR in 1998 and 1999, at Temple University, School of Communications and Theater and the Tyler School of Art, Sculpture Department. Develops the project “Public Domain: Promoting Social Interaction Through Artistic Systems Mediated by Computers” at the Contemporary Art field, with emphasis on Electronic Art and New Technologies. Received the 6th Prize Sergio Motta Art and Technology with “Lilliput” (2005); DIRECTIONS ITAÚ CULTURAL 2003 honourable mention for “PUBLIC DOMAIN: Promoting Social Interaction Through Artistic Systems Mediated by Computers”; Researcher Award Artist; MAC Niterói; RIOARTE grant in ART AND TECHNOLOGY, Department of Culture, Rio de Janeiro. Virtuose CULTURE grant, Ministry of Culture / MINC, among others. “SIMONE MICHELIN, Luciferian,” co-editing Oi Futuro, collection Art and Technology, and Publisher Aeroplane, 2011 – book on the work of the artist, comprising about 30 years of production.

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