List of research in progress at PPGAV.

Título Integrantes
Art in the Americas: Theories and Historiographies Patricia Leal Azevedo Corrêa
As linguagens da Imagem no Mundo Contemporâneo
Between Brazil and Europe: the brazilian artists of the second half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century Ana Cavalcanti
Cafe Valley Festival of Rio de Janeiro: The Courtship of Traditions and dialogues between party and urban spectacle. Helenise Guimarães
Countdown to 200, starting in reverse: Graduated artists at Escola de Belas Artes from 1975 to the present Ivair Reinaldim
Curatorial Studies: current and historical perspectives Ivair Reinaldim
Hibridações Experimentais em Arte e Tecnologia
Image, object and place: transicence and collections in Rio de Janeiro’s museums Marize Malta
Lygia Pape and image building in art. The transversality between filmography and books. Maria Clara Amado
Lygia Pape. Neoconcretism and contemporary : transgressions and permanence Maria Clara Amado
Modernity revisited in arts, in architecture and urban design in Brazil Maria Clara Amado
Neo-Concretism and Minimalism: Comparative Studies Patricia Leal Azevedo Corrêa
Objects of adversity: a look into the brazilian material culture Marcus Dohmann
Poetry and informalism topics in printmaking: São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro – 1950s/1960s. Maria Luisa Tavora
Production, circulation and reception of art between Brazil and Europe (19th and 20th centuries) Ana Cavalcanti
The act of looking. The landscape painting collection in the School of Fine Arts’ D. João VI Museum archive at the National Museum of Fine Art Carlos Terra
The artistic teaching at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts and the National School of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro Sonia Gomes Pereira
The material experience: the culture of objects Marcus Dohmann
The presence of kiosks and similar structures in Brazillian cities in the 19th and 20th centuries Carlos Terra
The representation and art of constructing landscapes: theories, concepts, models, artists and material culture Carlos Terra