The material experience: the culture of objects

Image and Culture

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Marcus Dohmann

This study focuses on objects as companions on the experiences of everyday life, connecting the emotional worlds to the mental space of individuals, through their functions and symbolisms, characterizing them as true predicates of culture. Examining their biographies means highlighting them before ignored cultural facets. Artifacts are not inert or passive objects, but interactive agents in sociocultural life and cognition. The signification of the artifact resides in both the object as a self-enclosed material fact and in its performative ‘gestural’ patterns of behavior in relation to design, space, time and society. The objects are our connection with the world. They are a hallmark on the path of our cultural evolution. Simple artifacts help the storytelling of lives, but their uniqueness of design or style are factors that can turn mere commodities or everyday objects into sign systems that carry highly evocative ideas and meanings.