Art in the Americas: Theories and Historiographies

Art History and Criticism

Studies on art in the Americas tend to favor approaches in the circulation, transfer and transculturation of artistic practices, matrices and concepts from Europe at the expense of exchanges and inter-American ties. However, just as there are many Americas, namely Latin, Anglo-Saxon, South, North, native and modern, among so many others built in parallel with the European world, there are also several traditions and contradictions intertwined on the possibility of an American art. Such a possibility was raised mainly in the 20 th century, merged into the speeches of national and avant-garde arts, of imperialism and resistance, a century marked by what Giulio Carlo Argan called “the crisis of art as a European science” – the growing projection of the United States and the redesign of the world of art in the second postwar period. From more specific thematic approaches, we will investigate inter-American connections in art, highlighting the relationships between influential artists, intellectuals, critics and historians in the 20 th century Americas.