Art and Technology Transcultural Networks in Multimedia and Telematics

Maria Luiza Fragoso, leader

Coordinated by Maria Luiza Fragoso, with the aim of studying and developing poetics related to digital media, their contents, themes, history, crossover with traditional media of artistic creation, theoretical and historical analyses, and reflections on the consequences of these creations in different cultures, as well as their influence on artistic creations as a whole. The research is cross-disciplinary, focused on the areas of Art, Art and Technology, Science, Computing and Traditional Cultures. We conduct research in two main areas: in the context of digital art and technology with the development of physical and virtual interfaces, website creation, GPS design, interactive multimedia animations and interactive computer installations that explore communication systems and telematics, adapting them to specific audiences; within the discussion of the interaction with traditional cultures is the access of indigenous students to digital inclusion and higher education, focusing on various IES initiatives, such as the University of Brasilia where we do international, national, regional and inter-institutional events, as well as collaborating on specific projects for indigenous students. We understand that Art research and production associated with the new information and communication technologies is an important tool in the development of dialogue and affirmative actions focused on social and cultural inclusion for minority and/or historically excluded groups in contemporary societies. In 2002 the site was published. In 2006 the group published the site www.redeestudantesimdí, today hosted at UNEMAT.