Tadeu Capistrano, assistant
Livia Flores, leader
Cezar Bartholomeu, assistant

Coordinated by Prof. Dr. Livia Flores, the group seeks to develop forms of action, thinking and dialogue in art with the aim of promoting reflection on art production in the expanded field of knowledge. It aims to develop theoretical and practical experiments based on a dialogic practice built upon postgraduate activities in the Visual Arts, and understood through its insertion in the widest geopolitical space of research in art, inside and outside the confines of the university campus. The group is linked to the “Visual Media” line of research of the PPGAV-EBA and involves EBA-UFRJ postgraduate professors and students. It is mainly composed of artists at the university, with works presented at exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, in scientific meetings about art and published in art catalogs, art books and journals such as Arte&Ensaios, Concinnitas, among others. Among some of the events organized by our researchers and acknowledged as the group’s work are: the “Relationships between Art and Poetry” conference with Prof. Gilles Tiberghien, Centre d’Art de Saint Charles, Paris 1 University, Sorbonne (2010); the ongoing project DESILHA – artistic interventions on the UFRJ campus (2010-2011); the periodic holding of the event “Space Activation” in the Postgraduate Warehouse (2009-2010).