Colonial Tiles in the City of Rio de Janeiro

Cybele Vidal,

Coordinated by Professor Dr Cybele Vidal Neto Fernandes, the group undertakes the study of: the collection of tiles at Pena Church and how it relates to others in chapels in the Jacarepaguá region; the relationship with baroque and rococo decoration in painting and decorative carving; considerations about historically significant engravings for the represented period (1st phase). The study of colonial tile periods in churches and chapels in Rio de Janeiro city: 1) archive location mapping; 2) creating a photographic archive; 2 creating a databank of the collected material; 3) the physical state of the archive; 4) Iconographic study relating to the different periods collected (2nd phase). Critical analysis of the period found and identified, with the purpose of identifying possible relationships between painters and factories for tiles of 18th century origin (3rd phase).