Simone Michelin, leader
Milton Machado, assistant
Felipe Scovino, leader

The group is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Simone Michelin, whose ongoing project is called QUALIA: interdisciplinary research involving the visual arts, computer science, cognitive science, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and music. It aims to create a designated artistic installation system, composed of current architectural elements and virtual images, for displaying synthetic images and statistics; the production of stereoscopic video using an anaglyphic system for viewing with red-blue glasses; the production of a machine managed by microprocessors and using laser guns. In addition to this, LAB_01 promotes technical and artistic knowledge sharing around the new possibilities of producing images, machinery, spaces and situations, offered by these technologies; it promotes artistic research in areas usually restricted to scientific interest, using state of the art processes for image display. It aims to enable an unusual form of exhibiting art that broadens the discussion around issues such as: the creation of art today, the materiality of a work and the boundaries between the real, the virtual and the contemporary, in this historical period.