NANO / Art and New Organisms Nucleus

Marco Aurélio Alcântara Damaceno,
Maria Luiza Fragoso, assistant
Guto Nóbrega, leader
Barbara Castro, assistant student

Coordinated by Prof. Guto Nobrega, the group has laboratory space for practical-theoretical research in the area involving the art / science / technology intersection. Since it began, it has focused its actions on event production (with the support and partnership of DAIC/EBA and PPGAV) such as: “Open Processes”, which featured the participation of the artists Anaisa Franco (September/2010) and Mariana Manhães (outubro2010) talking about their creative processes. “Cross-disciplinary Dialogues”, an encounter between two interlocutors, experts in different (or not so different) areas of knowledge for a presentation of their research and oral exchanges between them and the public. This initiative focuses on the world of ideas, practices and poetics in processes that characterize diverse types of creation and their related networks. The motivation is to create a cross-disciplinary space for reflection and development of new cognitive models based on dialogue. The first event (October/2010) of this series was attended by the Portuguese artist-researcher Luis Miguel Girão and the researcher Clarissa Ribeiro. With regard to research production, this group has been developing practical-theoretical analysis of artistic poetics focusing on arts assisted by communication/information technologies. In this sense, the current research “Experimental Hybridisations in Art and Technology” has been mapping and investing in contemporary creation with technical objects with an emphasis on hybridisation between artificial and natural organic systems. Thus, the intention is to work on the concept of “hyper organisms”. Such research has been presented at conferences and seminars such as: FILE Symposium RIO, 9th International Meeting of Art and Technology (# 9ART) and the 1st PPGA / RJ / ANPAP / RJ Meeting;