The Various Expressionists in Brazil’s Modern Art as Observed in the Special Rooms of the Bienal de São Paulo in the 50s – UFRJ

Angela Ancora da Luz, leader

The project “The various expressionists in Brazil’s modern art as observed in the special rooms of the Bienal de São Paulo in the 50s” is coordinated by Angela Azevedo Silva Balloussier Ancora da Luz and enables the study of special rooms at the Bienal de São Paulo through expressionist works, while at the same time observing their effects on Brazilian artists’ production in the 1950s. The aim is to identify the different expressionist styles which form the fabric of Brazilian expressionism in modernity.

Post-doc: Dr Nara Cristina dos Santos

Students: Cláudio Seichi Kawakami Savaget; Roberto Campaneruti da Silva Júnior.