Through the Art History and Criticism line of research there is an agreement with the Art and Cultural Heritage of Portugal Research Group at CEPESE – the Centre for Population, Economy and Society Studies in Portugal. The CEPESE belongs to the University of Porto and is a research centre recognised by the Science and Technology Foundation, whose activity is governed by the rules of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal. Studies undertaken about Portuguese artists and craftsmen and their works produced in territories connected to the Portuguese diaspora are aimed at mapping this production, promoting research and training researchers focused on this topic. At PPGAV these actions are aimed at researching, protecting and disseminating Luso-Brazilian artistic heritage developed in colonial Brazil.


Through the Interdisciplinary Poetics line of research the project “The aesthetics of global connectivity: exploring design strategies and technologies of networked distributed through websites artistic processes” is being developed, linked to the Art for New Organisms Laboratorial Nucleus/NANO in partnership with IT University, Denmark and the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China. This project, which brings together researchers in telematic art, has the aim of establishing research methodologies and artistic creation, substantiated by local and telematic exchange (online/offline) between artist-researchers from the countries involved. Such works are brought together through workshops, meetings and seminars. The aim is to establish a telematics network, with local and global distribution, in order to structure a robust cross-disciplinary research platform that acts at the intersection of the fields of art, science and technology with emphasis on telematic dialogues. The research, focused on the performance via network of actors, dancers and musicians, invovles the participation of NANO, for the creation of a hybrid interface that combines plants (plant organisms) and artificial systems (telemediated robotic interfaces). The partnership between PPGAV, the IT University, Denmark and the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China began with the arrival of an international delegation for a week of activities at UFRJ in April 2011, of which one of the highlights was the Telemediations Symposium organized by NANO ( Continuing 2011’s research activities, in November of that year the online performative event was held uniting Brazil, Denmark and China over the network. The coordinators of this project are defining future collaborative strategies and agreements.